The 7 best luxury hotels in Jericoacoara, Brazil

Jericoacoara (or simply ‘Jeri’, as the locals call it) is a charming fishing village located in the state of Ceará, on the northeast coast of Brazil. Since its opening to tourism in 1985, it has become a popular destination for both Brazilians and foreign visitors. Just 300 km from Fortaleza, the state capital, Jericoacoara offers a relaxed, informal atmosphere and is renowned for its breathtaking beaches, towering dunes, serene lagoons, and ideal winds, making it a haven for kite- and windsurfing enthusiasts.

The village boasts a diverse selection of accommodations, including luxury hotels and inns that cater to all preferences and budgets. Whether you’re looking for a basic stay or a lavish experience, Jericoacoara has you covered.

In this article, we’ll highlight the best luxury hotels and inns in Jericoacoara. From delightful pools to stunning landscapes, and from comfortable rooms to exceptional guest services, these accommodations will make your trip to Jericoacoara even more memorable.

Here’s a list of the top luxury hotels and inns in Jericoacoara to help you plan your next dream getaway. Check it out!

1. Villa Praia

Swimming Pool, Pousada Villa Praia, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Swimming Pool, Villa Praia, Jericoacoara

Pousada Villa Praia (Villa Praia Inn) is one of my favorite accommodations in Jericoacoara. Conveniently located just a 5-minute walk from the beach and offering stunning views of the dunes, it has earned a 9.1 rating on 

This boutique hotel boasts incredible rustic-elegant decor in its common areas, including two pools, one of which is infinity-edge, as well as sun loungers and armchairs scattered throughout the property. The landscaping is simply breathtaking.

Pousada Villa Praia, Common Area, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Villa Praia, Common Area

The rooms are available in two sizes: the smaller ones (15 m2) are comfortable and stylishly decorated, while the larger ones are a true dream, with some featuring a balcony with a hammock and a bathtub. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, a minibar, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi.

Villa Praia, Standard Room, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Villa Praia, Standard Room

What do guests have to say about the inn? The comfort, breakfast, and friendliness of the staff are often cited as positive points, while the shower water can sometimes be a bit colder at night as it is heated by solar panels. 

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2. Vila Kalango

Vila Kalango, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Vila Kalango, Jericoacoara

Pousada Vila Kalango, rated 9.5 on, left us impressed! Spread across 5,000 square meters of land surrounded by native coconut and cashew trees by the sea, the inn awaits your arrival. 

The inn offers 24 different types of accommodations, including apartments, stilt houses, and bungalows, each equipped with a king-sized bed, minibar, and internet access. 

Accomodations, "stilt houses", Vila Kalango, Jericoacoara, Brazil
"stilt houses", Vila Kalango, Jericoacoara

The apartments and bungalows also feature air conditioning, while the “stilt houses” only have fans, as they are designed to take advantage of the natural winds for cooling. The rooms are spacious and beautifully decorated, and while they do not have televisions, there is a TV room available for the guests in the inn. The complimentary treats left in the rooms at night are also a delightful touch. 

The inn boasts a lovely swimming pool with sunbeds and umbrellas, perfect for relaxing and enjoying the beach right in front of the hotel. The highly acclaimed restaurant offers a picnic on the lawn and, on Saturdays, a candlelit dinner (which is open to the public). The inn also has a water sports center and an advisory service that can help you plan romantic touches for your trip, such as room decoration with rose petals. 

Bar-Restaurant, Vila Kalango, Jericoacoara, Brazil

What do guests say about the inn?

  • Positive aspects include the well-trained and polite staff, cleanliness, comfort, and high-quality restaurant.
  • Negative points are few and far between, with no recurring complaints. 

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3. The Chili Beach Private Resort

Swimming Pool, The Chili Beach Private Resort, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Swimming Pool, The Chili Beach Private Resort, Jericoacoara

The Chili Beach Private Resort, rated 9.3 on, is a cozy hotel with only 6 rooms facing ‘Praia da Malhada’ (Malhada Beach). The bungalows are spacious, ranging from 100 to 150 m2, and boast stylish decor, a tropical garden, and a sustainable wooden deck with a private patio. The amenities provided are from L’Occitane.

  • By the way, ‘Praia da Malhada’ is a secluded and less crowded beach, often considered one of the most beautiful in the area. It is surrounded by lush vegetation, offering a peaceful and serene environment. The beach is also a popular spot for activities like kitesurfing and windsurfing, due to its strong winds.

The Resort features a seaside restaurant open to the public, offering a breathtaking 240-degree view of the Jericoacoara coastline. Although the prices at the restaurant may be a bit high, the quality of the food does compensate for it. 

Room, The Chili Beach Private resort, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Upon arrival, guests are greeted with a glass of champagne. In the Afternoon, they are offered a complimentary drink and coffee. The à la carte breakfast has received high praise. The massage room is also noteworthy, featuring two massage tables and a hot tub.

Common Area, The Chili Beach Private Resort, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Common Area, The Chili Beach Private Resort

What do guests say about the Resort? Positive aspects include the exceptional service, comfort, peacefulness, and quality of the restaurant. However, some guests have noted that rooms with a sea view may compromise privacy as they are located close to the pool and restaurant.

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4. Essenza Hotel

Essenza Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Essenza Hotel, rated 8.9 on, is the flagship property in the Essenza hotel chain, which also includes the Essenza Dune, Blue Residence, My Blue, and Rox by Essenza

  • By the way, if you stay at any of these hotels, you can access the common areas and facilities of the others. However, it’s important to note that each hotel should be evaluated individually as some of them have outdated rooms and maintenance needs.
Beach Loungers and Umbrellas, Essenza Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil

At the Essenza Hotel, you’ll be greeted by attentive staff in the spacious reception area, and you’ll even receive a complimentary champagne toast upon arrival. All rooms are 50 m2 in size and tastefully decorated. Many of the rooms offer sea views. 

Those on the top floor feature private pools (picture below), while those on the bottom floor have balconies that grant direct access to the common pool (shared).

Rooms and Main Swimming Pool, Essenza Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Rooms, Private and Shared Pools, Essenza Hotel

The hotel gym is a bit lacking, as it’s housed in an unventilated room with limited equipment. However, it is the best of the chain’s gyms and also one of the best in Jeri as well.

If you’re looking for a romantic experience, consider ordering a floating breakfast, requesting rose petal decoration, or reserving a gazebo for a private dinner (all for an additional fee).

Private Dinner in front of the Beach, Essenza Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Private Dinner in front of the Beach, Essenza Hotel, Jericoacoara

What do guests say about the Resort? Positive aspects include the friendly staff and well-appointed common areas, while some guests have criticized the need for refurbishment in certain rooms and the lack of natural light.

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5. Essenza Dune Hotel

Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara

Essenza Dune Hotel is a highly-rated hotel, boasting an 8.8 score on We chose to stay here due to its private infinity pool, which was a lovely feature. The 6 m2 pool is accompanied by a small hydromassage hot tub.

Private Pool, Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara
Private Pool, Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara

Although the water was a bit chilly during our visit, I still enjoyed the pool and its stunning views of the sea and dunes. 

However, it’s worth noting that the hotel has limited facilities, and if you’re looking to use a gym, beach chairs, or shared pool, you have free access to all Essenza hotels. A golf cart is available to take you from the Essenza Dune to the Essenza Hotel (which is about 500 meters away).

Spacious Room, Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara
Spacious Room, Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara

Upon arrival, we were greeted with a glass of champagne and checked in at the reception desk. The hotel’s bar and restaurant offer around 8 to 10 tables for breakfast service, which includes a delicious coffee served à la carte along with fruits, bread, cold cuts, cheese, cookies, and more. You can also order a floating breakfast in your room for an additional cost.

Welcome Drink, Essenza Dune Hotel, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Welcome Drink, Essenza Dune Hotel

The room was spacious, new, and beautifully decorated with amenities from L’Occitane. The bed was comfortable, and the room was equipped with cable TV channels, a minibar, and a closet.

According to guest reviews, the hotel staff was kind and provided sweet treats each night. However, some guests mentioned issues with water pressure in the shower, unstable internet, and a lack of overall structure in the hotel.

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6. Hurricane Jeri

Hurricane Jeri, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Hurricane Jeri is a stunning hotel located in Praia da Malhada and rated 9.3 on It features 22 bungalows surrounded by lush vegetation, offering a comfortable rustic style with a king-size bed, 400- or 500-thread count sheets, air conditioning, a fan, and a minibar. The amenities are provided by L’Occitane de Provence.

Accomodations, Hurricane Jeri, Jericoacoara, Brazil

The hotel boasts a magnificent infinity pool situated in front of the beach, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Jericoacoara. Guests can spend the day lounging by the pool and admiring the dunes, the ocean waters, and the breathtaking sunset over the city.

The breakfast at the hotel is a delight, with a wide selection of fresh fruit and hot dishes made to order.

Pool & Restaurant, Hurricane Jeri, jericoacoara

What do guests say about the hotel?

  • Positive points: guests rave about the impeccable service and comfort of the facilities.
  • Negative points: there are very few complaints, and none of them have been repeated.

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7. Blue Residence Hotel

Blue Residence, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Blue Residence, Jericoacoara

Blue Residence is a 5-star Essenza hotel, rated 8.3 on It is the cheapest among the Essenza hotels, but it’s not the best in the Chain. The rooms are equipped with a kitchenette, which includes a microwave, refrigerator, stove, mini-bar, utensils, and dining area.

Swimming Pool, Blue Residence, Jericoacoara, Brazil
Pool, Blue Residence

The hotel boasts a prime location in front of Jericoacoara Beach, offering guests stunning sunsets and easy beach access. However, the close proximity of the beach chairs to one another may affect privacy. The hotel also features a nice swimming pool in its center.

Common Area, Blue Residence, Jericoacoara, Brazil

Guest reviews have noted the hotel’s perfect beachfront location, rooms with kitchenettes, and friendly staff as positive points. However, some outside furniture needs repair and the breakfast quality could be improved.

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