Have you ever imagined visiting the Taj Mahal, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Pyramids of Egypt, and Alexandria’s Lighthouse in just one place? This place does exist and it’s called Jaime Duque Park, in Tocancipá, a municipality in the outskirts of Bogotá, Colombia.

Amazing! Fantastic! Gigantic! I’ve never heard of a similar park in Latin America with so many interesting attractions for adults and children.

As the name suggests, the park was created by Jaime Duque Grisales (1917-2007), an aviator who worked in Avianca, Colombia’s most famous airline. He was the one who organized and inaugurated the first international air routes connecting Colombia to Europe and North America. This accomplishment took place in 1950. At that time, a flight between Bogota and Rome, for instance, lasted 32 hours.

HK-136 at Jaime Duque Park, Colombia
HK-136 at Jaime Duque Park

By the way, the HK 136 aircraft used by Jaime Duque in the first flight is exposed in a very prominent position in the park.

The park began to be built in 1978 and was opened to the public in 1983. Jaime Duque spent his last days dedicated to social activity and the construction of the park.

Park Zones

So great is the park that is best presented in its various zones or sectors. In fact, its area covers more than 100 hectares.

Replica of Taj Mahal, Jaime Duque Park
‘Replica’ of Taj Mahal, Jaime Duque Park

1. Jardín de los Monumentos (Monument Garden). There are several monuments occupying the central area of the park, including a ‘replica’ of the Taj Mahal, a construction that stands out most in the park [The replica is not so similar to the original one, but it is a very beautiful and imposing construction].


Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Jaime Duque Park
Hanging Gardens of Babylon, Jaime Duque Park

2. Paseo de la Cultura (Culture Walk). Here we find the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, such as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the Lighthouse of Alexandria and the statue of Zeus.

Besides that, one can visit the Museum of Man, showing the evolution of the human being going through different historical and prehistoric periods and also the Map of Colombia.

Seven Wonders of Ancient World, Jaime Duque Park
Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, Jaime Duque Park

By the way, the map of Colombia in high relief was one of the park’s first attractions. Jaime Duque, an aviator, wanted to show Colombians how their country looks from above.

3. Puerto Caribe (Caribean Port). Here we find a replica of Destroyer Córdoba, a ship which served the Navy during World War II, and of Bergantín Independiente, a ship which played an important role in Colombia’s independence.

Ship Bergantín Independiente, Jaime Duque Park
Ship Bergantín Independiente, Jaime Duque Park

4. Wakatá Biopark. It is a natural reserve area with 450 animals of 100 different species: flamingos, animals from the African savanna, and tigers, among others.

5. Games Square. Electronic games and other paid entertainment to make the kids happy.

If you want to have a panoramic view of all these attractions, you can use the Panoramic Train, which runs the entire park.

Panoramic Train, Jaime Duque Park, Colombia
Panoramic Train, Jaime Duque Park

The park also has several restaurants and cafés, allowing you to spend the entire day there.

Jaime Duque Park Map

Jaime Duque Park Map, Colombia
Jaime Duque Park Map
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Visiting the Park with Salt Cathedral

Jaime Duque Park is on the way from Bogotá to Zipaquirá, where the famous Salt Cathedral is located. Considering this, many people, like us, end up doing both attractions on the same day.

However, it is highly recommended to reserve a full day for the park so that you can visit all its attractions without a hurry. By the way, we found it very tiring to visit both attractions on the same day.

Opening hours

The park opens from Wednesday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays, from 10 am to 6:30 pm. On Mondays and Tuesdays, it is closed.


The general admission ticket costs 36,000 COP (about 10.50 USD) and the special bracelet costs 48,000 COP (about 14.10 USD). The latter gives you access to some special attractions, such as the panoramic train.

El Cóndor Building, Jaime Duque Park
El Cóndor Building

The visitor can buy a ticket at the El Cóndor Building (also very beautiful) next to the parking lot on the other side of the highway. There is an underpass to reach the park.

How to get there?

The park is 37 km away from Bogota’s Zona Rosa or about an hour drive on the way to Zipaquirá. It is possible to get to the park by public transport. In Bogotá, on the Portal do Transmilenio with Calle 170, you can take a bus to Tocancipá. You must get off at the Briceño stop.

However, taking public transport can take a long time. It is recommended to hire a taxi or tourist transport service, such as Sanandante.


Parking is free and is just across the road that leads to Zipaquirá. Next to the parking lot, you’ll also find the Aerospace Museum of Colombia. If you are passionate about aviation, be sure to pay a quick visit. Admission is free.

Bottom line…

Jaime Duque Park is an amazing park in the outskirts of Bogotá. Its attractions include replicas of important buildings from the current and ancient worlds, as well as an immense nature reserve area. If you go to Bogotá, Colombia, you cannot leave the Park out of your travel itinerary.

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